The St. Patrick High School basketball team is ready to make a big splash in Hawaii

The St. Patrick High School basketball team is ready to make a big splash in Hawaii

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The St. Patrick basketball team is highly competitive ready to make a  run at the Class 3A Region 8 title.  Before they jump into region play, the Fighting Irish under head coach Keith Robinson will experience something very few high school players get to experience... a trip to Hawaii.

Robinson said, "It's a great experience to get to go to Hawaii and play against national competition.  It's a great opportunity.  We're going to find out about basketball once we get up there. We're going to go see Pearl Harbor where all those historical events took place.  We have several options there in Maui and Honolulu.

Coach Robinson says there are two teams from Washington, a couple of teams from Oregon, four from California, 12 from Hawaii and one from Canada.

Fighting Irish playmaker Malik Pleasant says the trip to Hawaii is special.

Pleasant said, "This is the first team in Mississippi to go to Hawaii and play.  So we're going over there and represent the state as best as possible and hopefully bring back a trophy.

6-4 center Sam Hopkins says the players had to earn their way to Hawaii.

"It took a lot of hard work in fund raising and it's just something special for us and we're definitely going to work as hard as we can while we're up in Hawaii to try to win games."

Daylen Johnson can't wait to see the sights and sounds of Hawaii and to play basketball as well.

Johnson said, "Very exciting because I've never been to Hawaii so to go to Hawaii and play basketball with my teammates is going to be a special thing.

Dedication in the gym has earned the Fighting Irish a once in a lifetime trip for 13 young men and their coaches.

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