Board president weighs in on Savant's resignation

Board president weighs in on Savant's resignation

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - At this point, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors have learned of former supervisor Kim Savant's resignation and his guilty plea to a conspiracy to commit bribery charge.

WLOX News caught up with Board President Marlin Ladner who said he thinks and hopes more people will keep a closer eye on Harrison County officials.

"It's very disappointing. It's a violation of the public trust and that adversely effects, I think, most governing officials. It's disappointing. People elect us to serve in their stead. They elect us to represent them and they expect us to be prudent, trustworthy, and have fidelity to the law."

He went on to say that when a violation of the public trust occurs it impacts everyone.

"It's bad for the community. It's bad for government. It's bad for the elected officials. It creates a certain amount of uncertainty, trustworthiness is lost and these things are not good. Not good for the governing body. It's not good for the county. It's not good for the constituents of that governing body. It goes back to the public trust. And how much each elected official is committed to that integrity."

Harrison County Board Attorney Tim Holliman said he's very surprised by all this and he's always known Kim to be a very honorable man.

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