Presley Appeals Sentence to Supreme Court

In 1998, Presley was originally sentenced to 20 years on state embezzlement charges, but was ordered to serve only 10. Presley's lawyer says Presley cooperated with the district attorney, and was promised only a three-year prison sentence.

The attorney says Presley's cooperation, instead, led to a federal indictment, charging him with conspiracy, money laundering and extortion.

"All the information or the majority of the information that they used to base that indictment upon was given by Mr. Presley to them in lieu of his cooperation or as part of his cooperation, so Lynn Presley did everything he was supposed to do on his end of the bargain. Then the state of Mississippi, through their agents, reneged and that's what we're gonna argue," Attorney Tom Payne said.

Prosecutors say Presley did not cooperate with them,  and that's why he received the stiffer sentence.