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"In God We Trust" Could Be In Mississippi Classrooms

House Bill 51 could lead Mississippi straight to court. The American Civil Liberties Union threatened to file a lawsuit if Gov. Ronnie Musgrove makes it law to display the slogan "In God We Trust" in Mississippi classrooms.

"There are a lot of important issues in education," Gov. Musgrove said. "We feel like it's one that is positive so we will sign the bill."

The ACLU calls says the bill clearly unconstitutional.

"The first amendment protects us from government interference where the government can't force us to believe a certain way, and the government can't prevent us from worshiping a certain way or not worshipping at all," ACLU Board Member Gail Chadwick said.

But the governor is defending the state's position in signing the bill.

"We're subject to being sued at anytime when people feel like they have a grievance against our state. We certainly cannot stop them from doing that. At the same time it is our responsibility to pass good laws, prudent laws, ones that we feel like are in the best interest of our citizens," Gov. Musgrove said.

But is a lawsuit in the people's best interest? The ACLU doesn't think so, especially during these tight financial times.

"That means there's a lot of money going into the legal challenge that could be spend on school teachers, books and computers and other things that the schools need more than this issue of religion in the public schools," Chadwick said.

And speaking of money, proponents of the bill pointed out the slogan is all over our currency. Opponents claimed, that's where it should stay.

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