George County community shocked by alleged murder-suicide in quiet neighborhood

George County community shocked by alleged murder-suicide in quiet neighborhood

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There was a grisly scene in George County Wednesday as investigators worked to uncover more details surrounding an apparent murder-suicide. According to the George County Sheriff's Department, the shooting happened near Parker Bridge Road around 9:30am. It's an area of George County that's normally peaceful and quiet.

"Usually we don't have very many calls here at all. This is a very tight-knit community," Chief Deputy Investigator Ben brown said.

All that changed Wednesday when shots reportedly rang out on the road following what investigators are calling a domestic related incident.

"I live right here. I heard the shooting and I didn't know what it was. Hunting season is over," Will Rhodes said.

Will Rhodes said his sister and brother-in-law lived exactly where the shots were coming from, so he trekked to the home to find out what happened.

"When I went down, I just don't want to see what I seen. So, I came back to the house and 911 had been called."

Chief Deputy Investigator Ben Brown said when deputies arrived at the home, they found two people had been shot.

"When units arrived they found one person deceased and the other one was airlifted. She is out of surgery, but in stable but critical condition."

The hunt then began for the gunman. After an hour, the suspect was located in a wooded area on the other side of the county. Investigators believe he died by his own hand.

"He was found by deputies deceased what appears to be a gunshot wound this time."

While the details are still unclear as to what led to the killings. Brown said the investigation has revealed that victims and gunman all knew each other.

"Yes, they were directly or indirectly related. It is sad because multiple families are affected. This quiet community has been affected by this and it is right here at the holidays on top of that. It is tragic day for this community and this county," said Brown.

Rhodes agrees and is praying for his family during this tough time.

"That was my sister and brother-in-law. They were Christians. They had a good life, they was good people. I don't why it happened," Rhodes said.

Deputies have still not released the identities of the victims or suspect. If you have any information to help this case, call the George County Sheriff's Department at (601) 947-4811.

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