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Sugar Bowl Fans Rally On Gulf Coast

As Virginia Tech fans walked out of their Gulfport hotel, the cheering started. "Go Hokies Go," they yelled.

The Virginia Tech fans had a burning desire to see their Hokies upset Auburn. Why else would John Whitt wear an orange wig.

"Virginia Tech is going to win," the fan said.

Whitt's tour group spent Sugar Bowl weekend shuttling back and forth between a Gulfport hotel and New Orleans.

One fan bragged, "I won $1200 last night. And we're going to kick butt and take names later."

The question was, could the Hokies beat undefeated Auburn?

Auburn fans who stayed at the same Gulfport hotel said no way. They wore Auburn uniforms. And they had Tiger tails hanging from their trunks.

Nick Drauschak had a quiet confidence about the matchup.

"Great game," the Auburn fan said. "Hope it's going to be the best game during the BCS season here. It's going to be hard to top the Rose Bowl. But we're hoping Auburn comes out on top."

Auburn fans believed their Tigers belonged in the Orange Bowl's championship game -- not the Sugar Bowl. But they didn't let the sour taste of that rejection spoil their sweet visit to the Gulf Coast.

One fan pulled out his Sugar Bowl ticket and proclaimed, "The true national championship game right here gentlemen."

Auburn's entourage left town by caravan. Virginia Tech supporters boarded a bus. They'll yell and scream in New Orleans. And then high tail it back to the beach for one more night of South Mississippi hospitality.

"We like it better over here," the man in the wig said. "Have some fun, stay at the casino, come back and forth. Nothing wrong with that."

by Brad Kessie

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