First ever Lego Creativity Tour builds memories

First ever Lego Creativity Tour builds memories

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The day many children and adults have been waiting for has finally arrived-the Lego Creativity Tour is here. The three day event that began Friday at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center in Biloxi brought in roughly 5,000 people from all over the country.

A surprise trip to Mississippi became the best day ever for 10-year-old Claire Trick.

"Cause they showed me a picture of what's going on. Cause they didn't tell me at first. They just told me were going to Mississippi to do a surprise and when they showed me a picture of what were doing I was like wow," said Claire Trick of New Orleans

The New Orleans girl represents hundreds of other children, who came here for the ultimate Lego experience of building, creating, working together and oh by the way having lots of fun.

Eleven-year-old Sammy Painter and his Neshoba Central classmates are each working to piece together a fort.

"Right now, me and my friends are building a fort and before that we had a sword building competition. It's just fun and you can get to express your creativity," said Sammy Painter of Philadelphia.

At the construction zone, it's all about hands-on building with Lego bricks.

Then there's the race ramp station, where custom cars are built and tested. Each station at the Lego Creativity tour encourages independent building, team building and family building.

"We've got a little bit of everything. So you can free build. You can work together as a team. The Brick Battle Zone is where you can work together as a team. The Brick Battle Zone is about team work," said Lego Public Relations Coordinator Tracey Weiss.

The life size movie characters assembled by Master Lego builders allows guests to interact with their favorite villain or hero.

Lego touts the tour as a way to stimulate fun creativity. Judging by all this kids face--mission accomplished.

Lego estimates 22-thousand people to attend the event over the next two days. The tour lasts until Sunday.
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