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South Mississippi Gyms Expect New Year's Rush

The holidays are over and for many, that means it's time to feel the burn.

"Everybody has their new year's resolution, you know to lose weight, to burn calories. It's a big rush especially during this time of year," said World Gym membership counselor Denise Pierce.

But if you want your resolution to actually last throughout the new year, fitness experts advise you to not come in expecting instant results.

"It takes time to build up. Say if you go from not doing any exercise wanting to do a lot of exercise, it's not good to do. It's not good for your body because your body has to work up to a certain amount of say weights or cardio because you're going get burned out because you're not going see the results that you want to see," said Pierce.

Pierce says it's important to start slow to avoid injury.

Also be patient.

She says it could take up to a month before you start to see the body you desire.

"If you're doing weights, low resistance and high reps, and try to work up. Say if it's five minutes you can do, just do five minutes and then the next day when you come in, do ten minutes or fifteen or twenty minutes," said Pierce.

Pierce say if you don't expect too much too soon, you're guaranteed to see results.

And for goodness sakes, stay off of the scales, at least for a while.

"You might be losing inches. And when you're building muscle too if you are lifting weights, you're going weigh more. It goes basically by your clothes," said Pierce.

By: Karla Redditte

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