Restaurants Increase Promotions After Holiday Rush

"Right this way," Clyde Donovan says to a party of six.

Donovan is the manager at Barnhills in Moss Point.

While it may look busy on this Sunday afternoon, Donovan expects the crowds to get smaller.

"Before Christmas and after Christmas is kind of our slower season," Donovan says.

The reason?

Donovan believes it's the excess holiday spending that has customers pinching pennies in January.

To entice their customers back after the new year, restaurants like Barnhills turn to special promotions as well as increase ads on radio and television.

"Everything we do is to bring more people in," Donovan adds.

This way, Donovan says, customers can indulge without spending a fortune.

Restaurants can make it through the slow times without going out of business.

Although Donovan says coupons and promotions are a good way to get people coming in the doors, he says it's service that keeps them coming back.