Newly elected Waveland leaders meet tonight


You might say the political process in Waveland moves at the speed of light.

Tuesday night new city leaders were elected. Wednesday they were sworn into office. And Thursday evening the new mayor and board of aldermen will hold their first official city meeting.

The freshmen politicians say they are prepared to dive in and move the city forward. 

Mike Smith was elected Mayor of Waveland Tuesday night less than 24 hours later he's administered the oath of office. 

Waveland is one of only 23 cities in the state with a special election charter that operates this way. You might call it a baptism by fire. "The city was incorporated in 1888, it's conducted itself in that manner since then every four years, so it will work out always has," said Smith. 

Alderman Bobby Richardson pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the election, un-seating 16 year incumbent Ricky Geoffrey for the ward two aldermen's seat. He agrees with the newly elected mayor, bringing the new leaders up to speed won't be as tough as some might think. " It means I have to jump in feet first. I'm going to have to get with Mr. Yarborough and get the minutes from the last one and do my home work tonight. And see what we've been talking about because I really don't want to come in, in the blind," said explained Bobby Richardson.

The talk now is about the fresh ideas the new board can bring to the table. 

Newly elected ward one Alderman Jeremy Burke said, "It's an exciting time in Waveland. We've assembled a good board. We come from different walks of lives, different ages, different life experiences we're going to fuse together well."

Alderman Shane Lafontaine is the only board member who will return from the previous administration. The senior board member's knowledge of Waveland City Hall will be valuable to the freshmen. 

"Mr. LaFontaine, Shane I'm going to be looking to him more as a mentor to jump into this," said Richardson.

The new mayor and aldermen hold their first official board meeting Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at city hall on Coleman Avenue.

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