Angel Tree Program in Harrison County deadline is Friday

Angel Tree Program in Harrison County deadline is Friday

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - If you are planning on taking part in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program for Harrison County resident's time is running out. Presents are due this Friday.

We caught up with Salvation Army Officials to learn more about how the program is going so far. The Salvation Army's Beth Sturdivant is making sure these presents match up with what's on this Christmas list. This year 206 families in Harrison County will benefit from the Angel Tree Program. On Friday boxes for each family are expected to be filled with more than 600 presents from donors.

"Each box represents a family and inside that there may be multiple children, or there may be one child. So each box holds the gifts for each family,” said Sturdivant.

With the newly added life skill class requirements put in place for recipients Sturdivant said Angel tree donors can be assured their gifts are going to those with a real need.

"People often worry about helping the families that are in most need. And I can honestly say the families that we are helping here are the ones that are in most need,” said Sturdivant.

If you've already purchased a present for a child in need you can drop it off at the distribution center located at the old Bayside Furniture building in D'Iberville.

"Some people provide wrapping paper or gift bags for the families and so we include those with the gifts so if anyone is adopting an angel and they would like to we ask that you do not wrap the gifts because we have to make sure that they are safe, age appropriate, new items for the children,” said Sturdivant.

Sturdivant also asks donors to pay close attention to the address on the angel cards which read: 10508 D'Iberville Boulevard. She says that's incorrect it should read: 10598 D'Iberville Boulevard, which is the old Bayside furniture building.

You're asked to drop off your presents anytime between 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. But you must do it by this Friday.

Click the link to find out where the Salvation Army Angel Trees can be found:

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