Lego Creativity Tour setting up for Biloxi debut

Lego Creativity Tour setting up for Biloxi debut

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - All you Lego lovers beware, the Lego Creativity Tour is debuting in Biloxi this weekend.

It takes a whole lot of Lego's to make the Lego Creativity tour come to life. Crews worked hard to transform the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Convention Center into a Lego Lover's paradise for the debut of the company's newest tour.

"We have a really strong Lego fan base down here. We absolutely love the facility. We love what's going on activity wise in the area, and so it just sort of all came together like a perfect storm. It was just a great place to debut the tour," said Lego pokesperson Tracy Weiss.

The creativity tour is for children of all ages, and builders of all skill levels. Those who attend the event will have the opportunity to build their own models while learning better techniques.

"What you will find when you come to the show is we have an area for tips, tricks, and ways to show you how to even be a better builder," said Weiss.

There will be events for the whole family like race ramps, building challenge zones and of course the big heap of Legos.

"One of our most popular things is the big brick pile, and that is literally just a giant pile of bricks. You can jump in, you can wade in, you can bury yourself or you can sit in them and build," said Weiss.

Over the years, the brand has branched out to reach boys, girls, youth and adults with niche Legos like Star Wars and Disney Princesses. Weiss says the creativity tour is sure to get every member of the family excited about playing with Legos.

"I think the thing that I love the most, is that kids don't want to leave. Parents don't want to leave. Even though everybody's tired, they've had such a good time. It makes a family memory like no other," said Weiss.

Two of the eight sessions are already sold out, but don't worry there are still tickets left. Tickets are available online at

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