SH Anthony Construction Company closing its doors

SH Anthony Construction Company closing its doors

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX/AP) - A Coast contractor who has been under a microscope for a project he worked on for the Harrison County Authority Utility is now closing up shop. That's according to an Associated Press report.

SH Anthony Construction Company built and maintained sewer lines for the Harrison County Utility Authority. The company was fired after board members learned Sean Anthony financed a car for the authority director at the time.

Now, according to auctioneer Alex Lyon & Son's website, SH Anthony Construction Company is liquidating and offering all its equipment at auction on Dec. 18.

We were unable to get into contact with Sean Anthony to talk about him closing his business.

The AP is also reporting a federal investigation into spending by the Harrison County Utility Authority is now underway.

As we've reported, WLOX News uncovered tens of millions in Hurricane Katrina aid spent on sewage plants that may not be needed for decades.

Authority board member Marlin Ladner told us over the phone he learned about the federal investigation when Harrison County Utility Authority attorney Jim Simpson informed them about the probe during a utility meeting a couple of months ago.

Simpson said federal investigators subpoenaed records from the authority about 18 months ago. Simpson told us the federal probe doesn't involve the new sewer plants that were built after Hurricane Katrina.

He says the investigation is looking into operations in general.

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