Stolen Biloxi lighthouse garlands returned in time for holiday event

Stolen Biloxi lighthouse garlands returned in time for holiday event


It sounds like a story from a Dr. Seuss book. A Christmas Grinch stole holiday decorations overnight from the Biloxi lighthouse just two days before a holiday event.

"It's definitely the grinch that stole Christmas," Biloxi Historic Properties Director Bill Raymond said.

Between 7:00 Tuesday night and 7:00 Wednesday morning, someone stole nearly 250 feet worth of garland from the Biloxi Lighthouse.
"It's pretty distinctive garland. It's not like something you can buy in a regular store. It was laid out inside the fence and obviously ready to be put up. This is just not your typical go to the discount store and buy garland. This is custom made," Raymond said.
Raymond says he may have been a bit too trusting leaving the lights out overnight. He said he did this last year and didn't have any problems. but he won't make the same mistake again.
"It's hard to believe, you know, that someone would actually come pick up something like that," he said.
In the middle of my interview with Raymond, he received a call from Biloxi police that left him with a sigh of relief.
"The deputy police chief called me back to say that they did make an arrest last night and that they have my garland in evidence. I am excited that they were able to catch them and this is going to be made right," Raymond said.
Not only will Raymond save $1,400 by not having to replace the stolen decor, but he's excited the annual holiday project will be able to go as planned.
"I'm excited about it and I'm excited that this project will be complete on time," he said.

The recovered garlands were hung Wednesday afternoon  as planned. The holiday celebration begins Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. for a celebration, as the city flips the switch and officially lights the lighthouse to kick off Christmas in Biloxi.

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