Biloxi Council votes against taxi ordinance

Biloxi city council vote is a win for taxi drivers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a win for taxi drivers at Tuesday's Biloxi City Council meeting. The council voted against an ordinance that would require Biloxi police officers to enforce the rules recently put in place by the Motor Vehicle for hire authority.
Many Gulf Coast taxi drivers have been at odds with the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority since they put a long list of rules and regulations in place for the drivers to follow.

The Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority asked each individual city to pass ordinances that would make their police officers the enforcers of these rules, but in a 4-1 vote, Biloxi city leaders decided that having their officers police these drivers is not the route they want to take.

Ward 4 Councilman Robert Deming III, was quite vocal about why the city shouldn't support this ordinance, calling many of the rules the Motor Vehicle Authority has put in place arbitrary and capricious.

"I just don't see why the government should dictate to a business, a free enterprise that's operated by a private individual in the private sector, how they should operate that business," said Deming.

The Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority's Attorney said, even though the council voted against the ordinance, the rules are still in place.
“In regard to Biloxi they're enforceable because the authority itself has administrative sanctions that they're able to issue in terms of either suspending or terminating a permit,” said David Crane.
Attorney Crane feels the council should have voted for the ordinance, and hopes they will rethink their decision.

“We're hoping that we can better educate the City of Biloxi with regard to what's in those rules and regulations,” said Crane.
Councilman Deming feels the city can do a better job of regulating drivers, than just having their officers write tickets. He plans to come up with a proposal and present it to the council in the near future.

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