Law Enforcement Wants You To Have A Safe New Year

Harrison County Sheriffs Deputies were out and about Friday making sure people were playing it safe this New Year's Eve.

"We want to make sure that all our citizens go and have a good time tonight, but they're also careful and conscientious that they have to be responsible," said Captain Windy Swetman.

As the afternoon faded into the evening, deputies continued to check for such things as valid driver's licenses and car tags, seatbelt use, and proof insurance.

They were also looking for drugs and alcohol.

Deputies say they were quite pleased with the roadblocks initial results.

"So far, the main problem is just motoring public that aren't aware that their driver's license is expired or the insurance card that they have in their vehicle expired, or tags and so forth. Most of them have been buckled up, which is good, we're glad to see that," said Swetman.

But this was just the beginning of a long holiday weekend.

Law enforcement throughout South Mississippi will continue to these random checks until Monday to make sure everyone has a safe start to the new year.

"We all want to bring in the New Year happy and hopeful of good things to come and this is our way of making sure that happens," said Swetman.