Accused cop shooter preliminary hearing postponed

Accused cop shooter preliminary hearing postponed

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Accused cop shooter Corey Johnson's preliminary hearing will not be this Wednesday. WLOX News has been told that hearing got postponed because Johnson's new defense attorney has a scheduling conflict.

That attorney is Michael Crosby. Crosby says he's just diving into the details surrounding the November shooting.

He's convinced the circumstances that led to a Gulfport patrolman being shot are not as clear cut as Gulfport investigators claim. Johnson reportedly ran from police during a November 23 traffic stop. Police said during a scuffle with officer Dolton Bradley, Johnson allegedly fired two shots into the officer's stomach. The patrolman was in the hospital for a week. Now, he's recovering at home.

Harrison County's prosecuting attorney tells WLOX News preliminary hearings are held on Wednesdays. So, the next chance Johnson will have to hear the attempted murder charge against him, and enter a plea will be December 10.

Crosby says he represented Corey Johnson's father in a murder case back in the 1990s. His relationship with the Johnson family is why he said he took on this case.

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