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Tackl Technologies find eager workforce at Gulf Coast Industries

 A growing Long Beach business is providing some much-needed job opportunities for disabled adults.

Tackl Technologies sells products used to help clean-up and contain oil spills or other industrial leaks. And the company now has a partnership with Gulf Coast Industries, which helps supply the workforce.

A team of workers at Gulf Coast Industries assembles special absorbent socks, a product Tackl Technologies sells to help mop up oil spills or other industrial leaks.

All I do is I weigh the sawdust and hand it to them and they fill the socks up. It's a lot of fun and it gives me something to do, said worker, Joey Carr.

Perhaps best-known for their work recycling Mardi Gras beads, the clients of Gulf Coast Industries truly appreciate other job opportunities.

I like it, doing it. Make money. And have fun, you know, doing it, said Henry Crawford.

Saw how eager his workforce was and that they didn't have very much to do. And to give them an opportunity, that's what we're trying to be about is to use our product and truy atrulyreate some work opportunities for disadvantaged groups, said Keith Fulton, the owner of Tackl Technologies.

The 18 workers helping with the Tackl Technologies products have a friendly competition about which groups can be the most productive.

Joe Buckles says teamwork is essential.

Oh, it's very important. Without the teamwork, none of this would be possible. We have to have a lot of teamwork to get the work done, said Buckles, as he helped assemble another absorbent sock.

A future business plan may provide even more work. Tackl Technologies wants to market organic cat litter.

We've planned some other product spin offs, but we'd really like to get this cat litter named, branded, packaged and shipped out all over the U.S.A., said Ken Harshbarger.

An eager workforce is standing-by for the extra opportunity.  This partnership seems to be hitting its stride.

It's working out fantastic so far, yeah. I'm hoping to get more of them involved as production starts increasing, said Allen Forrest, the assistant manager of Gulf Coast Industries.

Tackl Technologies headquarters and warehouse is located in the Long Beach industrial park. One of the biggest customers for its absorbent products is the defense industry.

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