Clerks save Christmas for an Ocean Springs shopper

Clerks save Christmas for an Ocean Springs shopper

Randi Medley saved her money. She wanted this Christmas to be special. On Black Friday, the Atlanta woman was in Ocean Springs, visiting family, and doing some Christmas shopping. One of her stops was at Klassy Komplements on Washington Avenue.

Medley bought what she called a couple of "perfect presents" there and ventured out to another store.

Suddenly, her Christmas joy became a nightmare. The money she saved for holiday gifts was missing. "You can imagine how devastating this was," Medley wrote in an email to WLOX News. She realized the money could be at Klassy Komplements. "I ran down to the store that sadly had already closed for the day. I called and called. Emailed the store. Feeling hopeless we made our way home and needless to say there was not a lot of sleep that night."

But, this story has a happy ending. Cheryl Comeaux was one of the clerks at Klassy Komplements. Comeaux noticed the money envelop and placed it in a filing cabinet for safe keeping. "I told her my story and how she had saved Christmas for us, and that she was my Christmas angel," Medley told WLOX News. "I think that if you say enough prayers and believe in the good in people that you'll find it."

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