Gulfport Adopts Water And Sewer Master Plan

For the first time, the city of Gulfport has a water and sewer master plan. Tuesday afternoon, the city council voted six-to-one to adopt the $72 million plan. It consists of 70-projects that will be done over the next ten years.

Ward six Councilman Sam Albritton raised concerns about the plan, saying some of the projects in the annexed Orange Grove area are too low on the list. Albritton says areas like Biloxi River Estates will have to wait too long for sewer service. Albritton says he thinks the plan is unacceptable and the city needs to look at how it could get the rest of the annexed area with water and sewer. However, after hearing that the plan allows for adjustments, Albritton voted for it.

Only Councilman Richard Rose voted against the plan, saying he's worried it will cause water rates to go up. The council will discuss funding for the plan, after it decides which projects to do first. Mayor Bob Short says he's looking at ways to get government funding to help pay for the water and sewer improvements.

By: Trang Pham-Bui