Work begins next week to repair Rose Drive flooding woes

Work begins next week to repair Rose Drive flooding woes

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Next week, Moss Point will begin construction on the much anticipated Rose Drive drainage project. For more than 40 years, homeowners there have dealt with excessive flooding in the neighborhood with no relief.

"I am happy to say that on this project, the Rose Drive drainage project, we re going to break ground on December 2nd," Mayor Billy Broomfield said. Those who live in and around Rose Drive say just about every time there has been a heavy downpour, water would invaded the streets. Bethew Jennings has lived the flooding nightmare.

"I have been here for years and it has flooded in my house about three times. The streets were completely flooded, the yards, I couldn't drive my cars out," Jennings said.

Around the corner, Stephanie Hill said she's dealt with the same flooding disaster.

"When the water rises, we are never able to wash off, flush the toilet and do our laundry because of the water," Hill said.

Mayor Broomfield said alleviating the flooding woes has been a top priority since taking office.

"We are grateful that we were able to sit down with a number of entities: FEMA, MEMA, the Corps of Engineers and Jackson County Board of Supervisors to find a solution that is going to help the people, so they won't have to continue moving every time it rains and moving furniture. So, that is going to be a thing of the past and that is another part of this that makes us excited, Mayor Broomfield said.

The improvement project will be done in two phases, starting on Webb Street and end on Rose Drive. Broomfield said 16 larger drains will be added where now there are only four, and the storm water will also be rerouted from the south to north. The work could take eight months to complete.

"Hoping for best. I will wait and see," Jennings said.

"I was excited because all my life dealing with this just never knowing will be able to get out when the water comes out and we can't leave the house. So, I am grateful and thankful that it all came together," Hill said.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the project will be held on Webb Street in Moss Point at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The completion date is set for August 2015.

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