Biloxi residents donate to historical displays

Inside a cabinet at the main Biloxi library you'll find Christmas cards from another era.

"These cards are from the 1950's," said Jane Shambra with the Biloxi History and Genealogy Department.

Displays like the collection of Christmas cards fit into the mission to capture history.

Many of the exhibits are filled with artifacts donated by residents of Biloxi.

One display features books brought in by a Biloxi resident.

"This was a special donation. In October someone delivered the books. They thought we would like them because they are very old. With the donation came a warning. They're supposedly haunted. The man said he would see an apparition around the books. Everyone in his family saw the same thing," said Shambra.

We wondered if a ghost has appeared at the library.

"We keep looking. We've not seen or heard anything. We're on alert," Shambra said.

When putting together an exhibit, Shambra looks for subjects that dramatize how things have changed over time.

"We're keepers. We save, preserve and share with the public," Shambra said.

New exhibits appear regularly at the Biloxi library and you are invited in to take a step back in time.