Officials: Racial slurs were not used on Moss Point school bus

Officials: Racial slurs were not used on Moss Point school bus

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The Moss Point School District launched an investigation into one of its bus drivers earlier this week after concerned parents said the driver called some students on the bus racial slurs.

According to Superintendent Dr. Maggie Griffin, after listening to audio recordings from the bus, school district officials and parents both agreed racial slurs were not used.

"The parents of the child who alleged a racial slur was used by a bus driver were in a meeting with school district officials when the audio recording was played. School officials say the parents confirmed they did not hear any racial slurs used," said Stephanie Packer, with the Moss Point School District Office of Communications.

Some Moss Point parents were outraged Monday after they said their kids got off the bus and complained about the driver using derogatory terms directed at students.

The parents contacted the Jackson County Chapter of the NAACP after they said school officials did not do enough investigating.

"We wanted the Moss Point School District to complete a thorough investigation. We are going to rely upon the credibility of their investigation," said Curley Clark, Jackson County NAACP Chapter President. "If the parents are satisfied and the kids feel safe and comfortable, then the NAACP has achieved its goal."

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