Patriotic Ribbon Magnets All The Rage

A ribbon shaped magnet has quickly become the most visible sign of public support for the military.

You've no doubt seen them on cars, trucks and SUVs.

American flags flying and yellow ribbons wrapped around oak trees still offer patriotic reminders that troops are in harm's way. But ribbon shaped magnets have fast become the most popular display of support for our troops.

Pam Spieles works at the Seabee base, and sports one of the yellow ribbon magnets on her car.

"We definitely support our troops. And hope that they all come home safe. I know there's a lot of bad things going on right now. And they're all in our prayers. That's why we have it," she explained.

The ribbons reflect the strong feelings of many Americans. Most of the messages encourage support, while some call for prayer.

"The reason why I put it on was because I wanted to encourage others to pray for the troops. And that's what it says, pray for the troops over there," said Alice Williams of Pascagoula.

Sharkheads souvenir shop is among the many outlets now selling a variety of magnets.

"They basically just sell themselves and fly off the shelves. Just about anybody you can imagine comes in for them. Service people. People who have relatives overseas," said store clerk, Richie Brown.

It's hard to tell exactly how, when and where this magnet trend got started. But a little research on the Internet points to an interesting store and story in North Carolina.

A business called Magnet America made a thousand ribbon magnets early last year for a fund raiser. They proved so popular that soon dozens of other companies were creating similar products.

That popularity can be seen during a drive down Highway 90 or a walk through the mall parking lot.