Investigators working to determine ID of skeletal remains

Investigators working to determine ID of skeletal remains

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Next to an old hotel swimming pool, members of the Biloxi CSI team worked Friday morning to document evidence and gather clues. They trying to determine the identity of a man whose skeletal remains were discovered on the old Broadwater Hotel property Thursday. Until proven otherwise, the case is still being treated as a "suspicious death."

Blue and orange equipment, which looks like surveying gear, uses a laser to pinpoint the exact location of the scattered bones.

"Crime scene techs are doing what we call a total station, where they're plotting all the remains and their position so we can go back and put it on a map. Dr. McGarry is here to examine any remains now," said Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove.

"They have been deceased for a while. It's total skeletal remains. They're scattered over a pretty wide area," the coroner explained.

The remains were discovered Thursday by a teacher looking for berries in the wooded area just a few hundred yards north of Highway 90.

"Apparently he is teaching a foraging class or a survival type class. Was out and discovered a couple bones and then walked up on the skull, and at that point called it in," said Hargrove.

There are some homeless camps scattered about the woods in the area. Coroner Hargrove said in the spot where the skeletal remains were uncovered, they also found a tent.

Also recovered from the area: an ID. But the coroner said while that may be a valuable clue in identifying the man, it's not a sure thing.

"There's no guarantee that's who it is. So, we'll proceed in the manner that we normally do in identifying any skeletal remains," he said.

Which means a meticulous processing of the scene, followed by a thorough exam of the remains later, at the funeral home.

"See if we can get a clue as to what the cause of death might have been and who this individual may be," said Hargrove.

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