Brrrrr! Record breaking cold freezes South Mississippi


It's another bone chilling morning on the coast, and it's in the record books. Wednesday morning temperatures tumbled to a low of 26 degrees, breaking the record of 27 degrees that was set in 1903.

South Mississippi has been under a hard freeze warning.  The evidence is easy to see. Step outside and you'll notice frost on your windshields, and on your yards.

When temperatures drop this low, firefighters encourage you to keep safety in mind:

- Adopt a "3 Foot Rule," where children and/or flammables are kept more than three (3) feet away from any heat source.
- Avoid using your kitchen oven to heat your home.
- Have chimneys and heating equipment cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified professional.
- If using a chimney, ensure that you have a spark preventing screen placed in front of the chimney.
- When using a wood or gas burning fireplace, properly install and maintain a carbon monoxide detector. Remember: carbon monoxide is known as a "silent killer" because it is odorless.
- When leaving a room or going to bed, make sure to turn off all portable heaters.
- Test smoke alarms monthly. Immediately replace batteries if needed.

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