Cold snap chills shipbuilders in Jackson County

Cold snap chills shipbuilders in Jackson County

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A blast of cold has a chilling grip on South Mississippi. Despite the low temperatures and high winds, work doesn't stop for people with outside jobs especially shipbuilders. Patrice Clark visited VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula to find out how that team is staying warm and safe while still managing to get the job done.

The bitter cold and strong winds seem to drown out the sound of shipbuilders working at VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula.

"It is cold. Yes, it is cold," a shipbuilder said.

"It hits you real hard and fast and by the time you realize it is another wind chill coming," shipbuilder Danny Tran said.

Still rain, shine, or freezing the men and women have to work through it. They said that can be downright difficult at times.

"Yes, it is very challenging in the cold working on a ship. You are constantly moving with heavy equipment. So it is very challenging," shipbuilder Kisha Mosley said.

The shipbuilders said the secret to staying warm in these not so pleasant conditions is bundling up.

"I have on some gloves, steel toe boots with two pair of socks," Mosley said.

"I wear thermals, overalls, a coat, keep your head covered up," a shipbuilder said.

Staying busy also helps fight the frigid conditions.

"Once you start working, you may shed a couple of clothes or you may come out of a couple of clothes," another shipbuilder said.

As the shipyard braces for more freezing temperatures in the days ahead, the building supervisors also have plans to make sure every shipbuilder stays safe and the projects stay on schedule.

"For us to build the best ships, I have to make sure everything we have is covered up and protected not only for our safety, but for the company's safety. Because we want to build the best ships for the industry," said Mosley

Hopefully, they can stay warm doing it.

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