Gulfport will use $30 million to improve the city

Gulfport will use $30 million to improve the city

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A better sewer system. New buildings. Enhanced athletic fields. Gulfport just authorized the issuance of a $30 million bond to make significant improvements around the city.

The city council passed the bond for "various water, sewer and capital improvements projects" without comment.

The description of that bond says the money will be used to purchase land for playgrounds, to buy new firefighting equipment, to improve streets and build sidewalks across the city.

City leaders say up to $20 million of the bond will cover water and sewer line replacement work.  The other $10 million will focus on Gulfport Sportsplex upgrades and other recreation needs.

Gulfport's chief administrative officer believes a five percent water and sewer rate hike will help pay off the $30 million bond. But, the city council did not vote on rate hike proposal at Tuesday's meeting.

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