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Meth Ads Reach Out To All Ages

The public service message comes too late for former drug addict Terry Adcock. Name a drug and Adcock has tried it. 

"I started out with marijuana and LSD, PCP, bunch of pills, 'shrooms...just about any drug you can think of I've done since I was young."

Adcock is serving a five year sentence for grand larceny.  He says he was high on crack cocaine and stole fishing poles to sell to support his habit.

Adcock is now 37. He was only nine when he started smoking pot, growing up in a home he says where relatives used drugs all the time. A few years ago, he began dabbling in methamphetamine. 

"Keeps ya up for days, weeks. Ya start hallucinatin' and after awhile ya just lose your mind."  

Those dangers of meth and the labs where it is made are what Sheriff George Payne says public service messages will stress. The sheriff says the ads reach out to all ages about prevention and treatment. 

"Tell people what they can do, where they can find treatment, where they can find the places to send these people that are hooked on it and quite frankly, in Mississippi we don't have a lot of options so what options we do have we're gonna try to explain them to people."  

Adcock is out of options, but he hopes others won't have to learn the way he did. 

"I'd tell the young people that gettin' into drugs ain't the life to be gettin' into cause it ain't nuthin' but a dead end road and it can lead to prison and can even lead to death. It's no good."

The meth ads will run on TV and radio and in the newspaper over the next several months. Terry Adcock says he wants to help Sheriff Payne get the word out about drugs by talking to kids in school and youth groups.

byMarcia Hill

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