Cold weather sweeps the coast again

Cold weather sweeps the coast again

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Frigid temperatures have made their way back to the coast, which means the cold weather shelters are back open and people everywhere are bundling up to stay warm.

A layer of plastic covers the plants in front of Beau Rivage. It's a reminder that winter weather is here. But valet employees who have to endure it say they are making the best of it.

"What can I say, I hate the cold weather as much as anyone else, but all I got to tell myself is, hey we got a job to do, and I don't mind that part at all," said Tyler O'Connor.

O'Connor and his valet buddies are just staying busy to hopefully forget they have an outdoor job on this cold windy night. But one glance at a smart phone snaps them back into reality.

"Trying to stay warm, got my jacket on, and keeping my hood on as much as possible. I'll go in sometimes whenever it's getting too cold," said Jordan Helveston.

One thing is for sure, when the weather's like this, pumping gas seems like a chore even to a group of tough firefighters.

"The wind is really picking up tonight. We're bundled up, just trying to stay warm out here," said one Biloxi firefighter.

Fortunately, for those who would otherwise have no refuge from the chill, cold weather shelters are open once again.

"We're just now getting into our cold weather season. I mean a lot of these folks, there's no television or radio they have access to. So, they kind of go by word of mouth. Like tonight, we have 30 which means tomorrow we will probably have 60," said James Morgan, who is a Field Rep for the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

A hot meal, warm blanket, and shelter is more than enough for these folks to meet their goal of keeping warm.

"I'm drinking this coffee on a cold evening like this to stay warm, because it's definitely cold out there," said one man.

The shelters will be open Tuesday and Wednesday night. It's still up in the air whether they will need to open again on Thursday night. James Morgan said the Harrison County shelter is well stocked, thanks to community support.

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