On the Gulf Coast, cold weather means bundling up (or playing golf)

On the Gulf Coast, cold weather means bundling up (or playing golf)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Anyone who's lived in South Mississippi for a few years knows the weather can turn quickly this time of year, from short sleeve shirts on a sunny Sunday afternoon, to bundling-up just 24 hours later.

Sharon Henderson and her partner bundled-up to walk the beach boardwalk on a chilly Monday morning. She knows how to battle the biting wind.

"Gloves, layers and, you know, you have to have layers."

She claims the winter chill followed her here from Louisiana.

"Absolutely, it was rainy and cold when we left," she explained.

Construction workers building Sal & Mookie's restaurant in downtown Biloxi dressed for the latest chill: Heavy jackets and head coverings help keep them warm.

"Winter is upon us," said Gulfport's David Jones, as he looked over his yard filled with cut firewood.

For him, the winter weather means a boost in business. The longtime Gulfport firewood dealer knows that when the temperature drops, the demand for his fire logs increases.

"Wheel barrow prices are anywhere from twenty to sixty. Depending on what kind of wood. The volume is the same, it's just different, like hickory and wild cherry is hard to come by," Jones explained.

Keep in mind that "cold weather" depends largely on your perspective and experience. That's why two brothers from Minnesota didn't mind playing golf with their father at the Great Southern Golf Club.

"Oh, it's not too bad. Forty degrees warmer than it is in Minneapolis today," said Greg Austin.

"I think the low has been around three below. Yeah, it's been a very early winter up there. In fact, just last week, we had 12 inches of snow where I live," added his brother, Chip.

Suddenly, that South Mississippi forecast doesn't sound so bad after all.

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