Waveland returns to polls for run-off

Waveland returns to polls for run-off

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland residents will return to the polls Tuesday to select a democrat candidate for mayor. Waveland Fire Chief Mike Smith will face Waveland Public Works Director Brent Anderson in a run-off. Monday both candidates hit the campaign trail for their final full day of stumping for votes prior to the run-off.

Anderson has logged a lot of miles over the past two weeks trying to convince voters he's the most qualified man for the Waveland mayor's seat.

"I just feel, I've got a lot to give to the city. A lot I want to put out that I've learned in the past few years," said Anderson.

Anderson has 19 years of municipal government experience. He says, if elected, one of his first priorities will be bringing up the staffing levels in some city departments.

Anderson said, "I believe public works needs staffing. There are six men on the street side. They are maintaining it, but to be more efficient we've got to put more people on the ground. The 2015 budget is tight this year, but we need to find a way to make it right to give back to what the people deserve." 

 Smith has more than 27 years of municipal government experience. He too would like to see the number of city workers increased.

"As far as the police department, I know that they need more officers. That's evident when you have just two officers on duty you know you need more officers even with a small city like ours," said Smith.

Another hot button issue in the city deals with the controversial stun guns. When Mayor David Garcia first took office he took tasers away from Waveland Police officers. It was a move that followed a string of lawsuits against the city dealing with abuse of the tasers.

Smith said, "I don't have a problem with the tasers as long as procedures are in place and people are trained when to and not to use them, I'm fine with them."

Candidate Anderson said, "I believe that's a decision that needs to be collectively made by the mayor, board of aldermen and police chief."

A decision on who will be named the democratic mayoral candidate will be made by the voters Tuesday. The winner of Tuesday's
run-off will face republican candidate Jay Trapani in the December 2 general election.

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