Long Beach chief points to 'promising leads' in murder investigation

Long Beach chief points to 'promising leads' in murder investigation

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Flower arrangements line the yard of the home where Kimberly Watts once lived. Six days ago, the 48-year-old nurse's life suddenly ended and the community has been left with nothing but questions.

Monday, Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell broke his silence. "We don't want to jeopardize the case in the long run, anything that might go to trial, something that's out there, something we might be able to use in the investigation that only certain people may know and we don't want everyone to know that."

McDowell said he believes the senseless crime was isolated.

"We are following some very promising leads," McDowell said, "I don't want to say we are going one direction or another, but we are following some very promising leads at this point."

One neighbor broke down in tears Monday remembering Watts, who was laid to rest this weekend. The neighbor said everyone on Woodcrest Drive is in shock and still can't come to grips with the loss. Nothing, she said, will bring them any comfort until justice is served.

McDowell assures the community his detectives have been working around the clock trying to solve the crime and he's confident it will be solved.

"I would hate to guess on it. The quicker the better, I would hope," McDowell said, "but we are going to make sure everything is covered prior to an arrest."

Until then, McDowell said extra officers have been patrolling the streets to try and ease neighbors' minds during this time of tragedy.

"We ask the community, always, if you see anything out of the ordinary to please contact the police department," McDowell said. "Long Beach is a great community, they have always contact us anytime they see stuff, but if there are any vehicles or people around anything like that don't hesitate, please call us."

You can reach the Long Beach Police Department at (228) 863-7292.

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