Doggie Fest at Hiller Park a fun event for man's best friend

Doggie Fest at Hiller Park a fun event for man's best friend
Doggie Fest (Image Source: WLOX News)
Doggie Fest (Image Source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a dog lover's paradise at Hiller Park in Biloxi on Saturday. A free doggie festival was hosted by the city to bring awareness to the park and for dog owner's to show off their furry friends.

Councilwoman Dixie Newman, who has two precious pups herself, organized the event to expose more of the community to Hiller Park.

"Hiller Park has pretty much been off the map for years. When I campaigned, I promised to have family events that were affordable, so I'm keeping my promise," said Newman.

Since being elected to the city council in 2013, Newman has hosted monthly events at the park, but the turnout is always nicer when man's best friend is welcome.

"Most owners look at their dogs like their children, so they feel appreciated when you do have an event that they can bring their children out to, and it's fun and cute," said Newman.

There were costume, beauty and talent contests for the male and female dogs, no matter how big or small. Most of these dog owners were proud to see their pooches parade across the stage and wish there were more events like this one.

"I just wish there were more dog parks where dogs can go and visit with other dogs and things like that and festivals like this. This is awesome," said Hope Lott.

One dog owner even takes her pups to Mobile, AL, where there are more things for them to do together.

"I'd love to see a nice dog park. There is a dog park in Biloxi, but I would love to see more dog friendly events, dog friendly places. There's really not dog friendly places around here," said Kristina Arocho.

Newman hopes to continue her events at Hiller Park, of course, with dogs included.

"Of course I'm all about dogs. Events like this are fun, and you have people dressing up their dogs. It's cute," said Newman.

She hopes to host the doggie festival again in the spring.

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