Fans get creative to keep warm at high school football games

Fans get creative to keep warm at high school football games

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Friday was a big night for high school football with playoff games across the state. It was pretty much the first night all season that high school football fans had to really protect themselves from the harsh weather.

Some of those fans got a little creative.

It's pretty easy to see how the athletes keep warm. You run, pass and hit people.

The fans have their ways, also. Stan McKenzie's son starts on the D'Iberville High School offensive line.

"It's kind of cold out here, but I don't mind the cold weather so much," said McKenzie.

His secret to staying warm?

"Be layered, and think a lot of warm thoughts," said McKenzie.

Layering was also Michael Moore's tactic.

"I use my hunting clothes," Moore said. "I got on my duck gear. I got long johns underneath my jeans. I got my jeans taped. I got it all set up."

How long did it take him to get dressed?

"About 15 minutes. I had to drink coffee while I was getting dressed," said Moore.

For Chris Moorcroft, his approach is simple. Put out energy to stay warm. There is no cold.

"All I feel is football love for the Warriors," Moorcroft said. "The costume doesn't help me stay warm. I wasn't dressing for the cold weather. I was dressing for the Warriors."

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