The Gulf shrimp you eat might not be from the Gulf

The Gulf shrimp you eat might not be from the Gulf

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The shrimp you eat may not be from the Gulf of Mexico, even if the package it came in says it is. A newly released Oceana report says that 30% of shrimp is mislabeled. Officials are warning you to be careful. Some shrimp could be labeled as Gulf shrimp, but in reality be from places like China or Vietnam.

A local shrimping expert, David Veal with the American Shrimp Processors Association said most shrimp is going to be imported. That's because there are only about 200 million pounds in the Gulf, and there is a 1.3 billion pound consumption rate in the United States.

So what should you do the next time you order shrimp? Veal said, "You simply need to press the issue with the server with the restaurant, with the retail establishment about the origin of the shrimp. There is a program called Traceability that will allow you to use a little code on a box or a package and trace the origin right back to a vessel."

Veal went on to say officials do not believe that most of the mislabeling is on purpose, that it is a matter of not knowing and not paying attention.

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