People bundle up to exercise in chilly conditions

People bundle up to exercise in chilly conditions

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - There weren't many people out exercising Thursday due to the chilly temperatures. But we were able to catch a few people moving around out on Front Beach in Ocean Springs. Of course they were layered up. Christina Garcia caught up with a few people who braved the cold.

Factor in the 30 - 40 degree weather, plus the wind chill and it's downright bone chilling. But, the first major cold of the season didn't stop folks and their furry friends from heading out to the great outdoors for their exercise. Robert Leaf couldn't resist bringing his dog Molly out for her usual afternoon walk.

"We walk to the harbor and back to the yacht club usually a couple of times a day and in the afternoon. I actually wanted to stay at work because that was where it was soo warm," said Robert Leaf.

Though on this walk Leaf didn't go without extra clothing.

"Well I found some gloves that was the big difference today. So, but no, no the same ole," said Leaf.

The strong breeze made walking more of a challenge for Terry Poelma and her friend Anita Lafferty, however they too came prepared to shield themselves from the cold as they warm up for two 5k's this weekend.

"Just pants with it they have the lining and then we got two layers a wind breaker jacket and then one there," said Anita Lafferty.

"We try to go three nights a week and tonight's going to be colder than right now. So we headed out right after school to get our run in," said Terry Poelma.

For Ed Wesson, his 10 mile bike ride has turned into about a three mile ride at least until the cold passes.
Though, he says he's got the right amount of cold weather protection to keep in his body heat.

"Today, I have on two pair of socks, a thermal underwear bottoms, thermal underwear tops a long sleeve t-shirt a regular shirt, a flannel hoodie and a fleece on top of that plus my jeans," said Wesson.

With colder weather expected over the next few days, you can expect to see even more people layered up across the coast.

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