Drive By Shooting Shakes Up One Gautier Neighborhood

"It was just bang, bang, bang, bang. I was like, 'What in the hell,'" one Shadowwood Road residents says.

The man known as Bob isn't holding his feelings back any longer. He wants everyone to know just what got fired off on Shadowwood Road.

"We thought it was fireworks, because there were people shooting fireworks last night. We looked out the window and said, 'Holy, there's people shooting,'" Bob says.

Bob says a grey Grand Am was just feet few his home. He saw at least two shooters in the car firing away at his neighbor's house.

"The fellow in this house had a rifle and he was shooting at them. Not a good day."

Another neighbor says those shots could have easily hit her five year old. Linda's son was playing outside just moments before the car drove up.

"It's scary. It's really scary," fellow resident Linda says.

But it's something she always feared would happen.

"You have the same people coming in every other day to get their drugs. It's unreal," Linda adds, "I had a feeling that eventually guns were going to be involved."

"It's like 7-11 around here. You got cars pulling in, cars pulling out, cars pulling in, cars pulling out, but nothing's ever done," Bob says.

Task Force officials say although the house has been under surveillance, they've never made any arrests because they've never caught anybody in the act.

Neighbors say they just hope it doesn't take another close call to get rid of the problem once and for all.