Goodwill works with those who cannot afford cold weather wear

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Many people turn to soup kitchens and other organizations for warm winter wear when temperatures drop.

At Goodwill Industries of South Mississippi, there are only a few jackets available to give to the poor. Goodwill sells the clothes that are donated to the organization. However, it does set aside a few coats for those who can't afford to purchase one.

"Certain people cannot afford to buy anything at all, no matter what their circumstances are," said Jim Collins, Goodwill Marketing VP. "They have nothing to purchase a coat with even at our prices of $3.50 or what have you. So they come in and they ask for clothing, and typically we'll try to help them."

Goodwill is also working with a Gulfport school to start a drive to collect coats for the needy.

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