Vehicles need extra care in cold weather

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Area garages busy making sure vehicles are prepared for the arctic blast.

Frigid weather can take a toll on vehicles, but it takes little preparation to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the colder temperatures. Fluctuations in tire pressure are perhaps the biggest issue.

"We've got a lot of people coming in and they've got low tire pressure lights on," said Kevin Poulos at David Poulos Tire & Auto. "That's because of the big difference in the cold air that causes fluctuation like that you know. So we are checking them and getting the pressure where they need to be."

Poulos also warns that car owners who put straight water in their windshield washer tank could face problems with the tank freezing. Windshield washer fluid contains an anti-freeze to prevent that.

According to information read on a website called, cold weather makes the engine hard to start for two main reasons. First, oil thickens when it's cold, which increases friction and makes it harder for the staner motor to spin the engine. Cold also slows the chemical reaction in the car's battery, reducing its power output.