Garbage Crews Handle Post Christmas Trash

The joy of Christmas giving was evident along city sidewalks Monday.

Santa made his rounds on Saturday, but the post-holiday clean up belongs to BFI. The guys on the garbage truck know what was under the tree this year.

The post-Christmas BFI run is the Super Bowl of garbage pick up. Curbsides are crowded with holiday remnants: Boxes, bags and empty rolls of wrapping paper.

BFI hires extra help to handle the holiday crunch. Those manning the trucks December 27th are as busy as Santa's helpers just before Christmas.

"It's real busy," said one worker, while running to another group of garbage cans.

Empty boxes tell the stories of who got what for Christmas. The joy of holiday giving gives the garbage crews all they can handle.

"Plenty of it. Plenty of extra trash. I'm out here giving him a hand on my lunch break right now," said a man who offered the BFI crews a hand in loading some trash.

The post-Christmas crunch is expected every year. A happy holiday of giving means sore muscles and job security for the clean up crews.

"This is the first Christmas I've worked. We had to call an extra man out today," said one tired worker.

BFI crews won't get much of a rest right after the Christmas holiday. Just a few days from now,  they'll be picking up the leftovers from New Year's Eve parties.