Gautier Car burglary suspects still on the loose after leading police on high speed chase

Gautier Car burglary suspects still on the loose after leading police on high speed chase

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Suspected car burglars are still on the loose after leading Gautier Police on a lengthy high-speed chase. The incident began around 11pm Tuesday at an RV Park near Indian Pointe Drive and Gautier-Vancleave Road. The chase ended in Ocean Springs early Wednesday morning.

Several folks at this Gautier RV Park woke up this morning checking their trucks and cars after hearing some burglars were targeting the area the night before.

"I am a veteran. Somebody breaks into my stuff and steals it. He better be ready to accept what he got coming," a man staying at the RV Park said.

According to Gautier Police, the suspects were going from vehicle to vehicle looking for unlocked doors until an onlooker called 911.

"I saw a lot of lights and police cars and police cars checking trailers," Ron Wiggins said.

Police said the suspects still didn't surrender; instead they led officers through two cities before jumping out of the vehicle and running away.

"We have some suspects identified. We are not releasing the names at the this time while the investigation is still ongoing," Crime prevention officer Christopher Brown said.

Police say could not say what was stolen.

Ron Wiggins was staying in the area and he left his vehicle open overnight, never thinking burglars were lurking in the area.

"My windows were down and the truck was unlocked, so nothing was missing, but lesson learned."

Officer Brown looks at this case as a crime of opportunity.

"Car burglaries can happen anywhere. You can live in a high-end neighborhood or a lower class neighborhood. Anytime a group of vehicles are together you can have the opportunity."

While the hunt continues for the suspects, police are advising that people always lock your vehicles and don't leave valuables visible.

"Lock it up. Make sure purses, wallets; monetary things are taken out of the vehicle. Don't let someone shop you while you are parked in a parking lot somewhere," Officer Brown said.

If you have any information that can help this case, please call the Gautier Police Department at (228) 497-2486.

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