Christmas Miracle For Victims Of Fire

Just a few weeks ago Long Beach native Beth Bonner was facing the worst Christmas of her life.

Her home, along with all her possessions were destroyed after a devastating fire.

But now she and her children are calling Christmas 2004 the best ever, thanks to the generous spirit of friends, neighbors, and a lot of people she has never even met.

"That was our king sized bed," says 8 year old Maria Bonner as she looks on a set of burned out box springs.

And up until December 16th, a camper on Long Ridge Road in Long Beach was home to Beth Bonner and her two children eight year-old Maria and 10 year-old Nekole.

"They were sleeping and I was shopping at Walmart, and Maria woke up smelling something, says Beth Bonner.

"My sister was baby-sitting them. She had come over here to put on her pajamas. She woke up and smelled the fire and she woke her sister up. They come running across the yard to get my mom and tell her the camper was on fire," she says.

It took only about 15 minutes for the fire to do its damage.

"Everything else was burned and gone except for our pajamas that we had on that night," says Bonner.

Since then, Boner and her girls have been living next door with her parents. Also since then, Bonner says something else has happened, something wonderful.

"The very next day we got on the phone to the school. We let the school know the girls weren't going to be there over the fire. And when they heard about it, oh my gosh, from there word spread like you wouldn't believe," she says.

In less than 24 hours the family was swamped with donations of clothes, food, and money.

So much in fact, Bonner eventually had to tell people to stop.

"We have more now than what we had before the fire," Bonner says.

A show of support this single mother of two with one on the way calls a Christmas miracle.

"I want to thank them because I just really didn't realize that people could care for you this much. And like I said it was only a week and we've had everything that we needed in that one week than we've had our whole lives," she says.