Post Christmas Shopping Rush Begins

Christmas may be over, but the shopping season is still in full swing.

On Sunday, people around the country flocked to area stores in search of those post Christmas bargains.

And that includes a multitude of shoppers right here in South Mississippi.

Obviously, Santa has finished his job, so now it's time for local shoppers to pick up where he left off.

And shoppers we spoke with say they definitely have no problem with that.

"Before Christmas, I shopped for everyone else, so after Christmas it's my time," said shopper Whitney Gladney.

Hundreds of people lived up to these words Sunday afternoon on what is considered to be one of the busiest shopping days of the season.

Stores tried to lure the customers in by offering sales galore, and shoppers definitely took advantage of them no matter how tiring it became.

"I'm coming to shop for clothes 'cause I get money for Christmas every year and I like the sales and you can get a lot more for your money," said shopper LeAnn Williams.

"Just getting some clothes and some new shoes you know. Just got some money in. Thought I'd spend it," said shopper Cody Taylor.

"I just like the sales after Christmas. I just like to get out and shop and you know me and my sisters you know we spend a little extra change. We save our change for the holidays, for the sales," said shopper Eva Pierce.

But not everyone was out shopping for themselves.

One couple simply came out to be entertained.

"I came out to join the crowd and mostly to see what the crowds doing. You know, it's interesting to watch people running around and hustle and bustle and return and exchange and get upset," said observers Art and Margaret Dawson.