Road Paving Could Mean Early Lights Out

Lunch time is hopping at the Sonic Drive-In. Owner Brad Dronet wonders about his supper crowd and whether customers will be able to dodge the Cedar Lake paving.  Dronet says, "We're just gonna try to sweat it out and see what kinda lane problems they have comin' in and out. As we have right now, any kinda business we get is kinda complicated for the customers to determine which one's in, which way's out so we're just gonna kinda sweat it out and stay open. If not, we'll close.

That's exactly what Pro-Gym will do. The 24-hour gym will shut its doors from 8pm to 6am during the two nights the paving is underway. The owner says not knowing exactly when that will be, creates its own inconvenience. Owner Cassandra Creech says, "So we have to keep an employee on standby. We can't notify our members ahead of time. We just have to hope they hear about it ahead of time."

The Shell station is always busy since it's so close to the interstate. But the owner knows business will probably drop significantly if roadwork keeps customers away. "We're probably gonna go ahead and close our store down for those coupla hours while this is gonna be paved that night, give our folks a night off or we're talkin' about also keepin' on and let 'em do some cleanin' around here because of the dust and whatnot," says owner Jerry Munro. Still, everyone we talked to agree that a couple of nights of inconvenience will be well worth the outcome, a wider road. "My goodness, who'd have thought this would be comin' to Biloxi. It's a growin' area and at least they're not doin' it in the summer time when it's our busiest time," Munro says.

The paving company doing the work chose the night hours since traffic along Cedar Lake Road lightens up after 8pm.  All of the widening should be finished by the end of April.