Wintry Mix Equals Traffic Headaches

Christmas snow, sleet and ice created dangerous driving conditions across South Mississippi. County officials encourage all drivers to stay off roads, and especially bridges, unless absolutely necessary.  Several wrecks have been reported in the six coastal counties.

Sleet mixed with ice on the sides of roadways created a scary situation for 18-year-old Marcus Wells Saturday afternoon as he was getting off of Highway 49 and heading onto Interstate 10.

"We were going into a skid, and we were fixing to end up over there, so I pushed the gas and turned this way and we ended up over there," said Wells.

As you can see, his car landed in the midst of trees, but fortunately he and his cousins came out of the accident without injuries.

But needless to say, it was a dangerous situation.

"Felt like I was dead," said one of Marcus's cousins.

Marcus Wells, like many South Mississippi residents, is not used to driving in such conditions.

That's why local law enforcers encourage everyone to be careful while driving in a wintry mix that may look pretty, but can be very dangerous.

Marcus says he did learn his lesson, and will be prepared the next time old man winter decides to show up here in what is usually the playground of the South.