Family's First Christmas In New Habitat Home

"Santa knows whether you've been naughty or nice," Scott Dwyre says to his son.

This year the Dwyres must have been especially good.

Santa brought the family a house to hold their holiday feast.

"Chill out because your mom's making the gravy,"Scott Dwyre said.

"Gravy!" All the kids yell out.

Once the gravy's on the table, the plates get filled.

"You want some gravy on your turkey, patty?" Dwyre said.

To the untrained eye, it may look like a madhouse as children get excited about their Christmas dinner. But to the Dwyres, it's life, and even with its ups and downs, it's a good one.

"On the outside it looks terrible and like it's a nervous wreck and you can't handle it, but there's so many small things that you get out of it," Dwyre said.

More than anything Scott Dwyre said over the years he's learned how to appreciate the simple things.

"We're all healthy. I have a job still. We have a house over our head. As far as life goes, we're not rich, but what more could you ask for?"

There was a time when the Dwyres weren't as fortunate.

Their old house was in shambles, and their children were always sick.

"I think sometimes God brings you down a notch to make you understand this is what I should be appreciating. When it's there all the time, you don't necessarily appreciate it," Dwyre said.

The Dwyres definitely appreciate their new home.

In it, they plan to start building more holiday traditions for the family to pass down.