Fire Leaves Lizana Couple Homeless on Christmas

A Lizana couple is homeless after a Christmas morning fire destroyed their mobile home. Fortunately, the Davenports escaped, but virtually all of their material possessions have been reduced to ashes.

"I woke up and was coughing because of smoke," said Rick Davenport. "I woke her up. I looked out the window, I could see the unit outside was on fire."

"The outside heater caught fire and came through the vents," Debi Davenport said. "I had to jump over the fire to go cut the heater thing off and go out the back door."

The Davenports never thought this is how they would spend their first Christmas living together in their new Lizana mobile home.

"I've got two grandchildren. I had their presents in there. And some of my friends had give me stuff to give to them. So they had a little bit of something," Debi said.

A couple of toys and a few pieces of clothing are all the Davenports were able to salvage from the fire. But it wasn't just material things that the fire consumed. The couple's five cats also died in the fire.

The fire was so intense, it burned two neighboring homes. Three people were taken to the hospital and treated and released for smoke inhalation. But the Davenports said they're just lucky they got out alive.

"I'm numb. I don't feel nothing, and I'm just going to take it a day at a time..." Debi said.

Meanwhile, they cling to the hope that a generous outpouring of support from the community will help them recover at least some of the things they lost in this tragic Christmas morning fire.

The Davenports did not have insurance. They plan to set up a fire relief account at a local bank on Monday. We'll give you that information as soon as it becomes available.