Hancock Co. employees looking forward to raise in time for holiday season

Hancock Co. employees looking forward to raise in time for holiday season

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There are sounds that support what you may be seeing on Hancock County's beach front. Workers on the Hancock County Sand Beach Maintenance crew are hard at it, and the board of supervisors say their hard work should be rewarded.

That's why the board voted this week to boost the salaries of all full-time county employees by 50 cents an hour. The raises will mean about $40 more in every paycheck for county workers.

"I'm grateful. It makes you feel appreciated," said beach crew foreman Brian Mollere.

He says in tough economic times, any pay hike will help.

"Every little bit helps," said Mollere.

Heather Dupuy does clerical work for the county. She says she already has big plans for her raise.

"My husband and I just welcomed our third child in July, so having a raise just before Christmas time will be excellent," said Dupuy.

It has been four years since county workers have seen pay raises.

"It's well deserved and really well behind. It was just the right thing to do," said County Supervisor David Yarborough.

He says the pay hikes have little to do with a tax hike the board recently imposed on residents. He says the property tax increase was unavoidable.

"What's really important to the facts, we've done everything we can behind the scenes shifting people around, double tasking, triple tasking for some folks, and they've never gotten anything extra. We've done everything we can to save a dollar. We were forced to raise taxes regardless of whether we had gave raises or not," said Yarborough.

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