Pascagoula Teen Charged With Holding Up McDonald's Employees

A Pascagoula teen is spending the Christmas holiday in jail charged with aggravated assault, and armed robbery.

Police suspect 17-year old Darius Wright was one of the two men who robbed the McDonald's on Market Street in Pascagoula early Friday morning. Wright is one of the star players on the Pascagoula High School basketball team.

Authorities say the two men held employees at gun point during close. Police say they crawled through the drive-thru window and demanded money.

Wright is accused of shooting a teenage employee in the leg, after the employee allegedly called him by name.

Although authorities cannot release the name of the teenager who was shot, they did say he is in stable condition.

Police say they don't have the second suscept yet. If you have any information, please call the Pascagoula Police Department at 762-2211.